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Transitioning Your Preschooler to Kindergarten

Transitioning from preschool to kindergarten is a big step for both kids and parents (and preschool teachers), but it doesn’t have to be scary. With a little bit of preparation, starting kindergarten can be a fun, exciting step for your child, so to help you prepare your child, our preschool in Greenville is sharing some simple tips that will help your child start kindergarten with excitement and confidence.   

Meet Your Teacher

Just like a preschool program, your child’s elementary school will have an opportunity to meet the teacher. They will see the classroom, find their desk and cubby, and maybe even get the opportunity to meet some of the kids that will be in their class. On the first day, their school, teacher, and classroom will be familiar so it won’t be nearly as scary or overwhelming. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to talk to the teacher and establish the beginning of communication so if you have any concerns or need to let them know any important information, you’ll already have the introductions out of the way.  

Establish a Routine

You and your child already have the preschool routine down to a science, which is great, but your child’s school routine may be a bit different. Before the first day of Kindergarten, let them know how their day may change, such as when lunch is, what they will eat, and whether they’ll pack a lunch or eat the school-prepared lunch. If you can begin implementing some of the updates to the routine, that can also help the transition. 

  • Wake-up times;
  • Dropping off or riding the bus to school;
  • Picking up or riding the bus home or to a childcare provider’s location;
  • Afterschool routines, if any changes are likely, such as homework;
  • Going to bed times. 

Getting into a kindergarten routine before school starts or preparing them in advance of how their day will change will ease the transition. 

Answer Their Questions

Your child will probably have a lot of questions about kindergarten, which is perfectly understandable. Some of the questions may seem silly while others may reflect their worries, fears, or concerns. Regardless of the question, even the silliest questions may be reflecting an underlying concern. Answer honestly, and strive to be positive at the same time. This will help eliminate the negativity, and if you seem comfortable, your child’s fears will be eased.  

Read Books About Kindergarten

Reading books about kindergarten can help answer questions, explain what happens during the day, and that kindergarten is a fun, safe experience that nearly all kids do.  Here are some books that can help: 

  • Clifford Goes to Kindergarten
  • The Night Before Kindergarten
  • King of Kindergarten
  • Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes
  • The Pigeon HAS to Go to School

Communicate Important Information with the Teacher

Before school starts, be sure to communicate important information about your child’s health and wellbeing needs to the school nurse or teacher. This includes:

  • Allergies, especially to food or anything that may cause a severe reaction;
  • Medical diagnoses, such as ADHD or asthma;
  • Medication your child takes, even if it’s over the counter, such as a daily allergy medication, or something that helps your child sleep. 

Anything you feel would benefit the teacher to know or would benefit your child by their teacher knowing is important information to communicate. Also, by letting the school know before the actual first day helps ensure that no information will get lost in the shuffle of the busy first week. 

Don’t Cry

We know transitioning to kindergarten is a big step, but try to avoid crying in front of your child. They may not realize you’re feeling sentimental or happy – they just see tears as something scary or bad. This is the last thing you want your child to feel! Instead, smile, reassure them, and remind them of the after school routine, whether it’s you picking them up at a set time or them riding the bus to a child care center where they’ll see a favorite sitter or friend. 

After that, then you can cry!  

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