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5-Star Toddler Child Care in Greenville, NC

Toddler daycare in greenville, nc

When an infant transitions into a toddler, a whole new world opens up to them, and they are excited to discover it! Toddlers learn through continuously exploring and interacting with their environment. That includes the physical area where the child is, but that also includes the emotional climate. 

In order to thrive and learn, toddlers need safe spaces where they can feel comfortable and confident for both quiet and active play, whether they are indoors or out, and spaces to interact with their caregivers. In this environment, we provide toys that are more selected primarily for individual interests and abilities rather than one-size-fits-all group play.  

Encouraging Development in Our Toddler Classroom

Toddlers have unique needs compared to infants and older children. They’re learning boundaries, social skills, and developing the skills to understand and manage their feelings and behavior. To support growth in these, and other key areas of development, all the teachers at our 5-star preschool form close, personal relationships with children, interact with them in ways that show respect, and guide and promote healthy emotions and positive behaviors. To do this, our teachers:

  • Provide toddlers with plenty of individual attention.
  • Set reasonable expectations and encourage appropriate independence. For example, when a child tries to do something on their own, like put on boots, the teacher will give the child the chance to do it on their own before stepping in to help if needed.
  • Provide a warm, supportive environment that encourages children to explore safely.
  • Offer choices throughout the day to help toddlers learn how to make their own decisions and feel confident and in control of their environment. 

Teaching Toddlers to Grow and Learn

We believe it’s never to early to start learning at our child care center! That’s why we provide an environment to promote and support development in many different ways. 

Fine Motor Skills & Reasoning

Childcare for toddlers greenville, nc

The toddler stage is when fine motor skills really begin to emerge along with the ability to reason. We have a variety of toys and materials that allow children to strengthen fine motor skills, including arts and crafts activities, learning to use eating utensils, and providing STEM toys like building blocks. Additionally, many of our toys and materials can be used in different ways to encourage creativity and problem solving skills. 

Literacy & Speech

This stage of development is essential to communication, with many children around this age learning to talk!  We blend this with the path to literacy because it all goes hand in hand to improving and supporting communication and expression. 

Research tells us that a caregiver is laying the foundation for language and reading when they are engaging children with questions, reading books, and singing songs. Our teachers encourage speech development when they use simple words and spend time both listening and talking with children. We also provide ample resources, including age-appropriate books, exciting pictures and photos to explain and describe, and other printed materials that connect the written word with the spoken word.

Providing Consistency at Our Toddler Daycare Class

Consistency is key for toddlers. Not only does this ensure they are eating and resting at regular intervals, but research shows that when toddlers know what to expect and when, they feel more safe and confident. Our teachers plan a balanced schedule for toddlers, including time for active play, both indoors and outdoors, and time for resting. To do this, our teachers:

  • Keep a familiar daily schedule but are also flexible to meet children’s needs.
  • Use every day routines—like eating, toileting, and dressing—as an opportunity to learn, grow, and gain independence.
  • Sit with toddlers as they eat in small groups. Teachers talk with the children and give help when needed.

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