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 5-Star Preschool

Children’s Campus of Greenville is proud to continue the tradition of being named a 5-star preschool by the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education. This esteemed distinction recognizes the hard work and dedication of our staff who have a genuine love for their jobs.

While carrying the privilege of being a 5-star preschool is an honor, it’s also important for us to let our parents and the community know what the distinction means and how we have earned it.

What is a 5-Star Preschool?

The North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education administers assessments of childcare facilities to determine their quality. It is their responsibility to ensure the health and safety of children in childcare programs. They rank schools according to how well they uphold certain standards.

How Does a School Earn the 5-Star Preschool Designation?

The North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education has a star-rated point-based system that includes 3 categories.

These 3 categories are:

  • Education Standards 
  • Program Standards
  • Optional Quality Point

Up to 7 points can be earned in the education and program standards categories and one point is available as an optional quality point.

Education Standards

These points are awarded to the staff and teachers’ credentials. To earn the 5-star designation, at least 75% of the staff is required to have formal education and accreditation but at Children’s Campus of Greenville, we go above and beyond with 100% of our staff being formally educated and accredited.

Program Standards

Program standards points are awarded based on the number of activities and the classroom environment. Learning environments, outside time, class size, and a variety of educational activities all factor into this score.

To maintain our 5-star rating, a pop-in assessment was done in 3 classrooms chosen at random. A minimum overall score of 5 is required to achieve a 5-star rating.

Here’s how we scored:

  • Classroom 2 scored 6.33
  • Classroom 5 scored 6.5
  • Classroom 7 scored 6.67

As you can see, all of our classrooms scored above the minimum requirement. We attribute this to our team of teachers and staff who strive to provide a nurturing environment for all of our students.

Frequently Asked Questions About 5-Star Preschools

Q: What is a 5-star preschool curriculum?

Answer: A 5-star preschool curriculum is led by educated and experienced teachers and staff. It includes a variety of educational activities for a child’s growth and development. 

At Children’s Campus of Greenville, our 5-star preschool curriculum includes special programs that give children the opportunity to participate in an active and engaging educational experience.

Our curriculum also includes Circle Time which begins each day as students greet each other and learn about the plans for the day. Each classroom also consists of ten diverse learning centers designed to stimulate a child’s mind and body. This includes sports and movement, language, music, art, and more!

Q: What makes a 5-star preschool different from a regular preschool?

Answer: There are several differences in the quality environment and programs that a 5-star preschool offers compared to other preschools. You can feel confident that schools with a 5-star rating follow good health practices. There are positive interactions with children and the quality of the activities offered is top-notch. You’ll also find that 5-star preschools are in safe areas.

The level of education of teachers and staff is also different in a 5-star preschool. To receive a minimum star rating, the lead teacher must have at least received a North Carolina Early Childhood Credential. A 5-star preschool has teachers with a great deal of formal education and experience. The staff is extremely well-educated and experienced in early childhood development and learning.

Q: Why is the Star Rating System So Important?

Answer: The Star Rating System helps childcare businesses show their quality and improve it if the need arises. Research shows that as childcare quality improves, so does the return on investment for both public and private funds. The Star Rating System provides simple information that is necessary for parents to make informed childcare decisions. North Carolina’s Star Rating System is the first market-based approach of its kind in the country when it comes to assessing childcare quality. It is now being replicated in other states around the country.

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If you’re looking to enroll your child in a 5-star preschool program, Children’s Campus of Greenville is here to provide your child with all of his early education needs. You’ll find that our teachers are experienced and truly care about your child’s development.

Schedule a tour today and visit our modem facilities. See why we’ve earned our 5-star rating and are considered one of the area’s most respected preschool learning centers. Call us today at (252) 756-8200 or fill out the form below for more information. We look forward to meeting you.

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