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Most Important Manners for Preschoolers

In the world of parenting and early childhood education, teaching manners for preschoolers is a topic that often comes up as it’s a crucial aspect of a child’s development. Manners lay the foundation for healthy social interactions, empathy, and respect for others. By instilling good manners for preschoolers, we equip them with valuable life skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. 

At Children’s Campus of Greenville, our 5-star preschool always strives to practice good manners for preschoolers, instilling in them at an early age the importance of behaviors that match occasions and the idea of respect. That’s why we are sharing five important manners for preschoolers to learn during these developmental learning years. 

1.) Sharing and Taking Turns

Teaching preschoolers the art of sharing and taking turns is a fundamental aspect of their social development. It instills in them the values of cooperation and patience. 

sharing important manner for children

To nurture the skills associated with teaching your child to share, parents and caregivers can lead by example, demonstrating how to share and take turns during playtime or activities. Using timers can help young children understand when it’s their turn, making transitions smoother. Positive reinforcement, such as praise and encouragement, reinforces the importance of sharing and taking turns, motivating children to do so willingly.

2.) Respecting Personal Space

Respecting personal space is a crucial lesson for preschoolers, as it teaches them about boundaries and consent. 

Parents can introduce the concept of personal space through the “bubble” analogy, helping children understand that everyone has their own personal bubble. Role-playing games can further reinforce this notion, allowing children to practice respecting each other’s space. Empathy plays a vital role in this lesson, as children learn to consider how it feels when their personal space is invaded, making them more mindful of others’ boundaries.

3.) Showing Kindness and Empathy

Kindness and empathy form the bedrock of positive social interactions when considering manners for preschoolers. Parents can nurture these qualities by regularly discussing emotions and feelings with their preschoolers, creating an open space for them to express themselves. 

Engaging in random acts of kindness together, such as making cards for loved ones or sharing snacks with friends, can help children practice kindness in their daily lives. Reading books that emphasize empathy and kindness provides valuable opportunities for discussions about characters’ actions and their impact on others.

4.) Using Respectful Language

Teaching preschoolers to use respectful language is essential for effective communication, language development, and building positive relationships. 

thank you important manner for children

Parents can lead by example, using phrases like “please” and “thank you” when interacting with their children. When children use disrespectful language, gentle correction, and explanation can help them understand the importance of speaking kindly. Role-playing scenarios, such as ordering at a pretend restaurant, provide opportunities for practicing polite language and conversations.

5.) Being a Good Listener

Being a good listener is a foundational skill that fosters effective communication and understanding. Parents can encourage their preschoolers to be attentive and empathetic listeners by promoting eye contact when someone is speaking to them. Teaching turn-taking in conversations, using objects like a talking stick, helps children grasp the concept of taking turns to speak and listen. 

being a good listener

Additionally, practicing reflective listening, where children reflect on what someone has said through paraphrasing or asking clarifying questions, demonstrates active listening skills that are invaluable in building strong relationships as well as learning to follow directions at home and in school.

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