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Summer Activities for Preschoolers

As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, the summer season beckons with endless opportunities for adventure and exploration. At Children’s Campus, a 5 star preschool in Greenville, NC, we believe that summer is not just a break from school but also a time for preschoolers to engage in exciting and enriching activities that foster growth and development.

Here are our top choices for summer activities for preschoolers, designed to captivate the imagination, ignite curiosity, and cultivate essential developmental skills. Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, or educator, we invite you to explore these ideas and create memorable experiences for the preschoolers in your life. 

summer activities for preschoolers

Take a Nature Walk

Beyond the physical benefits, a nature walk serves as a valuable educational experience for young learners. Nature walks provide toddlers with opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery, allowing children to observe plants, insects, and animals in their natural habitats. 

Through guided discussions and open-ended questions, parents and caregivers can help preschoolers learn about the environment, ecosystems, and the importance of conservation. Additionally, a nature walk offers a much-needed break from screens and technology, allowing children to unplug and reconnect with the world around them. 

Create Nature-Inspired Art 

summer activities for preschoolers

Encourage your little artist to gather natural materials like leaves, flowers, twigs, and stones during a nature walk or in your backyard. Set up a designated art space outdoors where your child can spread out their materials and let their imagination run wild. Provide them with paper, cardboard, or canvas as a base for their artwork, along with glue, scissors, and non-toxic paints or markers.

When we encourage 2 year olds and 3 year olds to explore their own creativity, its amazing to see what their minds conjure—whether its arranging leaves into intricate patterns, creating flower petal collages, or painting rocks with vibrant colors. Encourage your child to experiment with different textures, shapes, and colors found in nature to create unique masterpieces.

summer activities for preschoolers

Invent Outdoor Games

Encourage your pre-k aged child to brainstorm ideas for outdoor games based on their interests and favorite activities. Whether it’s a treasure hunt, an obstacle course, or a game of tag with a twist, let their imagination take the lead as they design the rules and objectives of their game.

Next, gather a variety of materials from around the house or garden to use as props and equipment for their game. From hula hoops and jump ropes to buckets and cones, these simple items can be repurposed in endless ways to enhance the excitement and challenge of their outdoor playtime.

Once the game is set up, invite friends, siblings, or family members to join in on the fun and put their creative minds to the test. Encourage teamwork, cooperation, and problem-solving as they navigate through the game and overcome obstacles together.

Attend Outdoor Storytime Circles

summer activities for preschoolers

Outdoor storytime circles offer the perfect blend of literacy, imagination, and outdoor exploration for young learners. As children gather in a circle, they’re transported to magical worlds and far-off lands through captivating tales told by storytellers or caregivers.

Whether on a blanket in the backyard with friends and siblings or at a storytime event at a local park, outdoor storytime circles provide valuable opportunities for social interaction and community building. Children have the chance to connect with their peers, share their thoughts and ideas about the story, and develop important social skills like listening and taking turns.

After the story ends, extend the fun with interactive summer activities for preschoolers based on the themes of the book. From nature scavenger hunts to creative arts and crafts projects inspired by the story, there’s no shortage of ways to keep the excitement going and deepen children’s engagement with the material.

summer activities for preschoolers

Engage in Garden-to-Table Cooking

Start by planting a small garden together, teaching your toddler valuable lessons about food origins and plant care. Once your garden flourishes, harvest fresh produce and head to the kitchen to cook with your toddler.

From simple salads to homemade pizzas, involve your little one in every step, from washing vegetables to enjoying the final meal together. Through garden-to-table cooking, preschoolers not only learn cooking skills and healthy eating habits but also cultivate a deeper connection to nature and each other. It’s a delicious and enriching summer activity that creates lasting memories and nourishes both body and soul.

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