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Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Legacy With Children’s Campus of Greenville

The beloved children’s book writer, Dr. Seuss, is celebrated throughout the month of March. Dr. Seuss’s birthday, March 2nd, is an important day to spread awareness about the importance of early childhood literacy. In his career, Dr. Seuss wrote over 60 children’s books. Some of his most famed works include the Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham and Horton Hears a Who. Dr. Seuss’s work is important for a multitude of reasons from the morals he taught, to the impact his work has had on people of all ages. At Children’s Campus of Greenville, we understand the importance of teaching children to read at a young age. We have collected 5 activities to do with your children at home to celebrate Dr. Seuss!

5 Ways to Celebrate Dr. Seuss

1.) Favorite Color Day!

Settle in with your copy of My Many Colored Days and learn all about connecting colors with moods and emotions. Afterward, help your child pick an outfit colored to fit his/her emotions or favorite color!

2.) Green Eggs and Ham

Make Green Eggs and Ham with your little kitchen helper! Make regular scrambled eggs and throw in some green food dye. Then grab your copy of Green Eggs and Ham and get reading! After you are done, talk with your child about the importance of trying things before deciding whether to like them or not.

3.) Handprint Truffula Trees

Start off by reading your copy of The Lorax. When you are done with the book, talk about how important it is to care about the environment. Next grab some paint, paper, and lots of paper towels. Be warned, this activity can get a little messy!

  • Start by using watercolors to create the sky and ground.
  • Handprint Truffula Trees by using yellow and black paint to create the stems of your trees with your fingers only! Don’t paint your thumb or palm.
  • Attach a foam sticker cut out to look like the tops of the trees to a recycled bottle cap (like an orange juice top) stick it in the paint and stamp your treetops.
  • Draw your own Lorax or use a printable version

4.) Horton Hears a Who Ears

Head to your local library to pick up a copy of Horton Hears a Who. Keep in mind the theme of friendship and acceptance. Talk throughout the book about what it means to be a good friend and that “a person’s a person no matter how small”. Next find some construction paper, paper plates, and a cheap headband. Draw and color in your elephant ears! Then glue the construction paper ears to the paper plates and cut them out. Staple the ears to a cheap headband and try on your new elephant ears! Spend the day using your elephant ears to listen closely to your friends and make some new ones.

5.) Make your own Cat in the Hat

Grab your Cat in the Hat book and talk about the importance of following the rules. Talk about taking responsibility for your mistakes and cleaning up your mess. Then grab some black and white construction paper, a paper plate and some markers. Start by using the white construction paper, cut out a hat for your cat and color alternating red and white stripes. Cut up the black construction paper into to square pieces for your cat’s face. Leave some room in the middle to draw eyes, nose, a mouth, and whiskers for your cat.greenville nc daycare

Importance of Early Literacy and Exposing Children to Books

Babies begin learning language skills before they are born. Starting your child off with a strong foundation of language skills will ensure that your child has the skills he or she needs to succeed in school. Literacy and language are interrelated to all aspects of your child’s development. Low literacy rates can lead to developmental issues in other areas of your child’s life. Beginning to teach your child to read before entering school will give them the skills needed to create a strong reading foundation. Reading just a few nights a week can have a large impact on your child’s reading ability. Children learn largely through observation, so read yourself and read often to your child! At Children’s Campus of Greenville, we know it can be hard to fit in even ten minutes of reading every day with a hectic schedule. Our teachers encourage reading in as many activities as possible. From free play to arts and crafts, reading is a crucial component throughout our curriculum.

Learn More About Reading at Our Greenville, NC Preschool

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