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Halloween Saftey Tips for Toddlers

The day of fun costumes, sweet candy, and, of course, trick-or-treating is right around the corner! Halloween can be an exciting experience for everyone in the family, from toddlers to teenagers alike.

However, it’s always important to exercise a few safety precautions to ensure everyone’s holiday is as happy and safe as possible. Here are some Halloween safety tips keep your little ones safe, brought to you by our Greenville, NC daycare.

Make Sure Your Costumes are Impressive, but Also SAFE

  • A major part of Halloween is, of course, dressing up. Not only is this a thrilling experience for your toddler, but also most likely for you, the parent, as well! After all, who doesn’t like dressing their child up to be a magical princess or daring pirate? When purchasing your toddler’s costume and helping them get ready, consider these following tips to ensure their complete safety.
  • Purchase flame-resistant materials, from wigs to hats. When shopping for your toddler’s costume, choose the costumes that specifically indicate that they are flame resistant.
  • Make sure the costume fits well, from their shoes to the costume length. Your child’s costume should not be overly baggy or long enough to drag the ground, as this could lead to tripping, entanglement, or even contact with flames. If necessary, sew or tape up the bottom of the costume to provide a quick hem. Toddlers tend to trip even without baggy materials, so make sure their costume isn’t a tripping hazard.
  • Try to avoid masks or any other objects that can limit or block eyesight. Since your toddlers are already prone to tripping, it certainly wouldn’t help if their vision was obscured as well. So, when choosing a costume, try to avoid masks, as they can potentially shift and block eyesight. Instead, opt for non-toxic makeup and fun hair pieces or hats. Be sure that any head pieces or hats are properly secured, so they will not fall over your toddler’s eyes, and test any makeup products on a small portion of your child’s skin to ensure that it does not cause irritation.
  • Select bright, reflective costumes or add reflective tape to costumes and bags. Since trick-or-treating generally takes place during the evening and night, it’s extremely important to make sure that your toddler is clearly visible at all times to both you and others. Choosing bright costumes or adding reflective tape to your toddler’s costume or bag results in greater visibility.
  • Avoid all sharp or long accessories. On Halloween night, you are sure to see lots of pirates and princesses with wands and swords. If your toddler is one of these characters with a sword, wand, or similar accessory, be sure it is not too long or sharp. These accessories could cause additional harm or injury if your child happens to trip or fall.

Watch Out for the Candy…

Once your toddler is home with a bagful of candy, be sure to thoroughly examine the candy before letting your child eat it. Each wrapper should show no sign of having been tampered with or previously opened. Do not allow your toddler to eat homemade treats from strangers or individuals that you do not know all that well, and avoid hard candies and other treats that may be a choking hazard.

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As far as your toddler’s sugar intake goes, every parent knows that an excessive amount of sugar is never a good thing. So, be sure to monitor and limit your toddler’s sugar intake. Set a daily limitation on how many pieces of candy your toddler can have and let them choose which kinds of candy they will have for that particular day. Before your child eats any candy, have them eat a protein and fiber-rich snack, such as a cheese stick or an apple with peanut butter to slow sugar absorption.

Be Careful with the Decorations

When decorating your home for Halloween or visiting a friend’s house, be sure to keep your toddler away from hazardous decorations. For example, in 1991, many toddlers ingested the oil of a Halloween-themed lamp, causing them to be extremely ill and for the product to be recalled. So, be mindful of all decorations that could potentially harm your child. For teething babies especially, keep Halloween decorations that may contain small or loose parts out of reach.

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