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Father’s Day Art, Science, and Cooking Projects for Preschoolers

During the week leading up to Father’s Day, preschoolers everywhere will build their fine motor skills and creativity through a number of fun art projects to bring home for Dad. But we know the best gift of all is just watching your child grow up, spending time together, and creating lifelong memories. So we’ve put together this list of Father’s Day activities and crafts you can do alongside your preschooler. Not only will these activities make your special day even more memorable, they’ll also utilize the power of fun to teach your preschooler about science, art, and math!

Father’s Day Cooking Project: BEST DAD Medal Cookies

Want to be the #1 Dad? Then reward yourself with these sweet cookies, decorated like gold medals!

How Does Baking Cookies Develop Preschooler Skills?

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  • Math – Learning math is much more fun when mixing and measuring ingredients for cookies!
  • Science – Explore how liquid milk, grains of sugar, and powdery flour combine to create whole cookies when baked in an oven.
  • Art and Fine Motor – Decorating cookies with sprinkles and frosting enhances a child’s imagination, creativity, and fine motor skills.
  • Language – If you write words on the cookies, it’s a great time to practice letters and spelling!
  • The best part – Your child is learning directly from you! And after all that fun learning, you get to sit down and enjoy your #1 Dad Medal Cookies together knowing that you really are the best dad ever!

Father’s Day Science Project: Create Snow with Shaving Cream

Want to play in the snow in the middle of June? Then do this easy science project the kids will love! All you’ll need is some baking soda and some of Dad’s good ol’ shaving cream!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 lb. baking soda
  • 1 can shaving cream
  • Optional: 1 drop lavender essential oil

Since clean up is super easy, you can do this project pretty much anywhere — try the kitchen table, the counter, or the tub. Let your preschooler measure the baking soda and pour it. Then, spray shaving cream on the table, and begin mixing. This magical combination creates a powdery, snowy equivalent!

How Does Shaving Cream Snow Develop Preschooler Skills?


  • Science – Investigate how combining these two substances creates a fun, safe chemical reaction. Talk about other forms of chemical reactions, and how to be safe when doing scientific experiments.
  • Art and Fine Motor – Play in the snow! Build snowmen and snow sculptures.
  • Language – Playing in shaving cream provides a great opportunity for practicing writing words and letters in the snow. Make it a game!
  • The best part – You’ll always remember the Father’s Day you played in the snow in June! Preschoolers love learning about the world around them — and they love it even more when they learn while playing games with you. The kids will love making a mess, but the clean-up is easy!

Father’s Day Game: Dad Libs

Do your kids love hearing stories? Give them an opportunity to write their very own story. The topic? Having a Father’s Day adventure with Dad!

Start by writing your own funny story (don’t let your child see what you wrote!) Leave some fill-in-the-blank spaces. Then, without reading your preschooler the story, ask them for some silly words. Let them know their word choices will help create a story about the two of you!

Once you’ve filled in the blanks with your preschoolers selections, read the ridiculous story that ensues!

Want to take it a step further? Work together to illustrate the story about your silly adventure! Let them draw pictures of what they think certain parts of the story might look like. You can draw a picture, too. Then, compare!

How Does Writing a Story Develop Preschooler Skills?

Father's Day Game idea from Greenville NC Daycare

  • Imagination – Learning to create a story out of thin air is a great skill for your child to build! You’ll enhance their love of reading and writing, while expanding their imagination.
  • Language – As your child brainstorms silly words to complete the story, they are building their vocabulary and understanding of how language works. If your child is old enough, talk about the difference between nouns, adjectives, and parts of the sentence.
  • Art and Fine Motor – Your child is building their skill in holding a pencil or crayons, while also developing their art skills drawing and coloring.
  • The best part – You can be anyone in the story: A superhero Dad, a silly Dad, nurturing Dad. And your child can be a warrior, a princess, a doctor. Children explore and understand the world through their imagination; therefore, writing stories about Father-Child adventures will spark their creativity and seem as if you’re having a real adventure together.

Happy Father’s Day from Children’s Campus of Greenville!

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